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Vanessa Jean Boyle

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      In a world where imagination creates destinies and forgotten friendships reawaken, twelve-year-old Max is on an adventure of a lifetime.

     Fighting against time, Max must save the world he once so loved, but in order to do so, he must discover his own forgotten powers. The powers he has suppressed for so long, it just might be too late. 

     Join Max on his extraordinary quest into a world filled with wondrous creatures of epic proportions. From dragons to giants and even a gnome made of stone, the Forgotten Forest will rekindle the childlike imagination that exists in all of us.  

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About the Author

Vanessa Jean lives in New Hampshire with her chickens and her Golden Retriever, Riley, aka "Ryko". Vanessa has been a teacher for over 13 years. Aside from teaching and writing, Vanessa is also an artist. The Forgotten Forest is her first novel.

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